limited edition biskut flavours & potlis

looking for something special this Eid or Mother’s Day (US)? want to treat yourself? these limited edition biskut flavours include our Gulab Jamun Biskuts, Haldi Dudh Biskuts and our Chai Snickerdoodles wrapped in our bespoke screen printed tea towels & more!


“Fantastic!! Receive a gift basket from biskutbar for my birthday from my kids and am enjoying every morsel of it.”


BISKUT BAR: a marketplace of fine indian biscuits & goods

we offer a contemporary assortment of wellness focused indian treats and savoury snacks. using ethically sourced, organic ingredients all mindfully packed in eco-friendly materials, our mission is to revive our ancestral recipes for your modern pantry. unbox the tastes of nostalgic childhood trips to patiala curated by an all-american curiosity and baked under the british sun (with love & irony).

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"It's the best thing I have ever received. And the most exquisite presentation of Indian culture. So delicious and decadent. The aroma and the flavors are rich, unforgettable." 

annie kim, san francisco (USA)

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biskut bar haveli : the still room

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limited edition biskuts & potlis

“Excellent!! I love all the Biskut bar treats. Each treat takes me on a trip to India. The taste is sublime.”

julie jensen from asheville, nc (USA)


mindfully packed in eco-friendly materials, we use ethically sourced & organic ingredients to handcraft our ancestral recipes with contemporary flare. biskut bar is a heritage company and donates a portion of profit towards social justice causes and the arts.

social justice + the arts

"For me, the 2 weeks postpartum were very hard, especially at night! I would wake up every hour to feed my baby and I could feel my body aching and being so tired. But the thought that I have a tin of panjiri in my cupboard would bring me the comfort so much needed in those special times. It honestly felt like my mama was with me when she couldn't be."

roxana gutila, founder of the handmade favour, mum of one



"They smell and taste fantastic with all the gorgeous spices. And they're perfectly balanced - flavorful but not too sweet. I have to force myself to stop reaching for them! My husband doesn't even like biscuits but he took one bite and said they're amazing."


recipes developed and handcracted in hackney, london

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