Frequenty Asked Questions


1. Where do you ship your products? Currently, we ship to mainland United Kingdom, EU/EEA, United States and Canada.

2. What are your shipping rates?

United Kingdom.  Shipping for all goods have a flat rate of £5 and a standard shipping time of 3-5 business days. We offer free shipping on £55 min orders with code freeship55 at checkout.

Europe. Shipping for all goods have a flat rate of £10 with a standard shipping time of 3-5 business days.

United States. Shipping for all goods have a flat rate of £19 with a standard shipping time of 5-7 business days. We offer free shipping on £55 (77USD or the current exchange rate equivalent on that day) min orders with code freeship55 at checkout.

Canada. Shipping for all goods have a flat rate of £19 with a standard shipping time of 5-7 business days. We offer free shipping on £55 (77USD or the current exchange rate equivalent on that day) min orders with code freeship55 at checkout.

3. Will I be notified about my shipment? All items are shipped from London, England via tracked courier service . An email will be sent with a confirmation of the order and then again with tracking information. 

4. What if I didn't receive my order? biskut bar will assist in any manner possible. If the package is marked as delivered but has not been received by the customer, biskut bar cannot be held liable. 



1. Do you accept large orders for parties and weddings? Yes! Please contact us for details at

2. Do you take bespoke orders? At this time, we do not make bespoke orders such as customizable / pick and choose mix for gift tins.



1. Do you have any gluten-free treats? Yes! You can find these items here on our site.

2. Do you have any vegan treats? Yes! You can find these items here on our site.

3. Do you have any treats with unrefined sugar? The answer is ALL of our treats! We proudly use only unrefined sugars in ALL of our products such as jaggery, coconut sugar, and unrefined cane sugar (also known as rapadura / panela). 



1. Are there nuts and other allergens in your product? Yes! Please review all ingredients carefully in the product descriptions which can be found in the single item offerings. All allergens are listed in bold in the ingredient list. 

2. All products are made in a space where nuts, flours, eggs and other allergens can be found. 



1. Can I return an order that I've received?

Should you be dissatisfied with an order, please contact us directly to discuss any issues. As we are a small batch business, striving for excellence in product and service, it is our hope to deliver a fully satisfactory product. Should there be an issue with the products received, we would like to resolve this mutually. Please note that any such notices of dissatisfaction must be relayed by email within 48 hours of delivery. 

2. Can I cancel an order that I've placed?

In most cases, it should be OK to cancel an order within 12 hours of being placed. Please contact us ASAP with cancellation requests.  



1. What kind of recyclable and reusable packaging do you use?

The gifting tins are tinplate steel and recyclable. However, we suggest to reuse the tins for future biskut bar purchases, pantry storage, stationery, bits and bobs or generously regift the tins as a present box to a lover or friend. 

** Tins are not dishwasher safe as they are intended for food storage and have food grade properties. They should be hand washed with a damp cloth and dried immediately to help promote longevity and avoid a rare case of rust forming. 

The white matte pouches are made from polyethylene (PE), a recyclable plastic that can be disposed of in your curbside recycling bin as it is most commonly recycled.

The films in which biskut bar treats are packaged, are made with polypropylene (PP) and they are recyclable. It is a versatile plastic that when properly disposed of can be recycled back into clothing fibers, food containers and waste bins as examples. 

Packages being sent out for shipment are assembled using paper tape, cardboard boxes and eco friendly protective fillers. Don't forget paper products are by nature, biodegradable as they are of the earth!

2. If there is a focus on eco-friendly packaging, why not use biodegradable, compostable or even paper options?

With the research at hand, each option comes at a price to the environment. On one side, biodegradable and compostable degrade quicker but only if they are disposed of in bins specific for these types of materials and for compostable items, this often is to said to be by industrial means. Most households do not have this access and disposing of these materials in recycling can contaminate the entire lot of recyclable goods. Paper products require an exorbitant amount of natural resources to make (water and trees). 

We have done extensive research on the best packaging for biskut bar at this stage of the business but we know that technology is carving out new advancements in this important matter. We still continue to weigh out a move into compostable packaging as we believe local authorities will do their part in helping assist consumers to dispose of them. We also believe consumers will be smarter about how to dispose of them because this knowledge is utmost important for the end benefit as technologies grow for biodegradable, OXO-biodegradable and compostable materials. If you have any suggestions for an eco-friendly food grade, airtight and impenetrable packaging, please contact us. 

Boxes in which biskut bar confections are shipped are all recyclable and reusable. The packing tape is made of paper and also recyclable.



1. Images. Please note that all images are property of biskut bar limited. Reusing them in any manner without written consent is subject to legal action.