pinni biskut | ancient grain and melon seeds

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these crumbly delights give your neighbourhood health balls a run for its money. pinni is a staple north indian goodie packed with nutrient infused ingredients. generally a no-bake treat, our biskut bar is a biskut version made with an ancient grain called khorasan. it is otherwise known as kamut, a variety of khorasan wheat after being trademarked in order to protect its genetic purity - sort of kind of amazing!! . this wheat grain is naturally sweet and buttery in flavour which is then combined with ground fox nuts and semolina and topped with organic cashews, thompson raisins and melon seeds rounding out (literally!) this any time snack with protein and minerals.


ingredients: khorasan wheat flour*, brown semolina*, ghee*, jaggery*, unrefined cane icing sugar*, lotus nuts (makhana), melon seeds*, cashews*, thompson raisins*

*denotes organic, allergens in bold

qty: 6 domes (12 halves)

weight: 115g