Social Justice and Community

biskut bar uses a percentage of profits towards social justice and volunteers time towards community service. You can stay tuned as to how our social justice and philanthropy evolves on the website and on our social media portals.

biskut bar a member of London Bakers Against Racism


June 2021 | India Covid Relief Fund - collectively raised £5,000 and donated £100 towards charity organizations for relief in India


March 28, 2021 | LONDON BAKERS AGAINST RACISM - collectively raised £4,250 for The Black Curriculum

biskut bar is a member of London Bakers Against Racism. Our March 2021 virtual bake sale raised £4,250 for The Black Curriculum, an organisation promoting Black history in the education systems across the UK. 


February 2021 - July 2021 | SAHAITA - donated $250 plus a second matched donation of $250 from Sahaj Kohli of Brown Girl Therapy (total $500).

In light of the farmer's protest in India, biskut bar donated 100% of proceeds from each purchase of our RUSK sustainable gift wrap to Sahaita, a grassroots humanitarian relief organization that gives aid to the vulnerable in Punjab. Specifically, the proceeds went to their Farmers Support Project which helps to empower the next generation of farmers through education and business guidance in building a sustainable agriculture.

Punjab is the breadbasket of India and has been suffering with the spread of poison and cancer from pesticides for years now. This began with the Green Revolution back in the 1970s as means to grow crops quickly and in abundance. The government introduced new farming practices which involved pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers, chemicals which have since been relatively unchecked. Now the once fertile and blossoming land of Punjab is met with bad crops, dwindling fertile land and water shortages leaving its people with a drug epidemic and increasing rates of farmer suicides.

The making, the growing, the transporting, the serving - the industry of food is inherently a political one and as a business we want to help promote better and sustainable practices within it. 


February 2021 | Black History Month (US) - gifted 2 x £25 gift cards to Instagram Trivia game


November 2020 - January 2021 | THE FELIX PROJECT - donated £205 which provided 1,251 meals

We are so grateful for the opportunity to do the work that we do and hope that spreading moo mitha really does bring sweetness and joy to those near and far. This time of the month is an ever more challenging time with the holiday season upon us and the vulnerability of homelessness and hunger ever growing. For every item sold online at biskut bar we donated a portion of sales to The Felix Project, a charity that redistributes good surplus foods from the food industry (otherwise would simply be thrown away) to those who do not have the means to healthy meals and snacks. 

October 2020 | Black History Month UK - collectively raised over £3K to The Black Curriculum

Thank you for your support during the month of October! The London Bakers Against Racism raised over £3K to The Black Curriculum with donations coming from sales directly on Biskut Bar  

OCTOBER Black History Month

biskut bar is a proud member of London Bakers Against Racism. In conjunction with Black History Month. With a virtual bake sale where 100% of sales goes towards The Black Curriculum, at biskut bar, in addition to donating to the cause, we are offering 10% of sales to the organization from purchases on the site.

This summer, sparked by the brutal death of George Floyd and inspired by the group Bakers Against Racism (@bakersagainstracism) in Washington DC, virtual bake sales sprouted all over the world to support Black communities in a stance against racial injustice. Naturally London, a city uniquely multicultural yet layered with racism and classism of its own, followed suit. Finding ways to support the Black community deliberately and continually is fundamental in building an enhanced worldview and unto that a better world. And so, the mission of London Bakers Against Racism (@londonbakersagainstracism) is to fundraise on behalf of organisations that work tirelessly to bring a long awaited equity to the Black community at large.