Biskut Bar Impact + Commitment

Planet Positive Business

Here at biskut bar, we take our commitment to planet positivity seriously. From inception, we have worked hard to use any eco-friendly materials available to package our goods. In fact, we came up with our tiled, garishly colourful fairtrade tea towels as an alternative to wrapping paper as we headed into our first holiday season. Our treats our wrapped in bundles called potli, which is also reminiscent of Japanese furoshiki, or cloths used to wrap goods and/or transport them. 

You can see the full ways in which eco-friendly materials are a part of our packaging here in the FAQs.

We have recently joined Greenspark in order to take tangible sustainable action for the planet and its people. With each order, a donation is made to plant trees, collect plastic and offset carbon emission via UN accredited schemes. You can see our impact here - watch it grow!


Each Holiday season (November-January), we donate £1 of every sale to raise money for The Felix Project, a charity that redistributes good surplus foods from the food industry (otherwise would simply be thrown away) to those who do not have the means to healthy meals and snacks. 


London Bakers Against Racism

biskut bar is a member of the managing team at London Bakers Against Racism

In the Summer of 2020, sparked by the brutal death of George Floyd and inspired by the group Bakers Against Racism (@bakersagainstracism) in Washington DC, virtual bake sales sprouted all over the world to support Black communities in a stance against racial injustice. Naturally London, a city uniquely multicultural yet layered with racism and classism of its own, followed suit. Finding ways to support the Black community deliberately and continually is fundamental in building an enhanced worldview and unto that a better world. And so, the mission of London Bakers Against Racism (@londonbakersagainstracism) is to fundraise on behalf of organisations that work tirelessly to bring a long awaited equity to the Black community at large. 



You can stay tuned as to how our social justice and philanthropy evolves on the website and on our social media portals. 


Greenspark Public Impact Profile