panjiri gifting tins | herbal and restorative wellness (gluten free)

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a staple of punjabi culture for many generations, panjiri is traditionally eaten in the winter months to ward off colds and include warming ingredients such as gram flour, almonds and ground ginger. with the addition of nutrient packed lotus nuts and an herbal seed mix and you’ve got a combined benefit of aiding new mothers in postpartum recovery, restoring strength and regulating digestion. how do you like those ayurvedic apples?  

preferred consumption: scoop 2-3 tbsp in a bowl and relish alongside your daily chaa da cup, sprinkle on top of your breakfast porridge or swirl into a creamy yogurt for a desi parfait

new mothers: enjoy daily for postpartum benefits


organic · vegetarian · non gmo · gluten free 

ingredients: gram flour*, almonds*, ghee, palm coconut sugar*, thompsons raisins*, flaxseeds*, hemp seeds*, fennel seeds*, fox nuts (makhani), toasted coconut shavings*, edible gum (goond)

*denotes organic, see bold for allergens


handcrafted in london

weight: tin + 350g panjiri

weight: bespoke specialty tin + 500g panjiri

(500g refills and subscription refills available here)

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