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so you're one of the lucky ones who own the large pink or teal Biskut Bar tin? well, you're here because naturally you've eaten all the aromatically bold biskuts and now you're in need of a refill. 

well some of you have asked and here you go! our festive selection this year will not disappoint!

these flavours include the following SEVEN standouts:


- shrewsbury biskut: a floral caraway shortbread

- jeera biskut: our award-winning cumin zest 

- nankhatai: cardamom and ghee 

- besan ladoo (gf + vegan): gram and millet almond snack

- haldi dudh (vegan): turmeric milk cookie with candied fennel seeds

- coconut ladoo: coconut and cashew take on the classic indian sweet

and finally

- gulab jamun: the much anticipated fresh take on the OG indian sweet


**we also have a brand new Gulab Jamun tea towel that you can wrap your order with (see last image)add for a 20% discount on towel automatically applied with each refill purchased.

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