mothers to be + postpartum wellness (MINI)

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shortie version of our mothers to be + postpartum wellness bundle.

time is precious in pregnancy and postpartum. at biskut bar, our founder understands the balancing act of being the carer and being taken care of in order to have energy and sustenance only to continue being the carer. 

these treats are an easy go-to snack providing nutrients and energy when both becomes quickly repleted spent otherwise growing another life or sustaining that blessing.

items include the following:

- biskut bar short stack trio: jeera biskut x 5, nankhatai biskut x 5, coconut ladoo biskut x 5

- 200g of panjiri, our ayurvedic herbal and wellness restorative mix 

***you can include a short note to be handwritten on our bespoke biskut bar stock. all other cards are sold separately and found in The Stationery Cupboard