bespoke biskut bar tin

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just want to get your hands on a bespoke BISKUT BAR tin? we don’t blame you! 

made for us exclusively by TIIPOI, an industrial design company celebrating indian design and craft, our tins come in exhilarating hues befit for any kitchen counter.

the small tin fits 4 BISKUT BAR flavours and the large one fits 7 flavour, perfect for refilling your biscuits any time of the year!

our tins are hand spun, coated aluminium, stamped Biskut Bar

options are as follows:

- small tin, yellow, 125H x 102D mm 

- large tin, pink or teal, 125H x 140D mm 


raise this tin next level with our gift card and send it to someone who has fantastic taste and buds.  

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